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The mind never stays still. Without constant vigilance our minds can, and often do, wander from the constraints of our current task to our own private thoughts and feelings. The experience of mind-wandering is one of the most introspectively accessible examples of the challenges of mental control.

For example, everyone is familiar with the experience of suddenly realizing, while reading, that although one's eyes have continued to move across the page, one's mind has been fundamentally elsewhere.

Smallwood & Schooler, 2009

Help fundamental research on human consciousness!

Daydreaming is an experiment for Android smartphones that studies the external and internal factors facilitating efficient focus or triggering mind wandering. In fact, nobody really understands how we succeed or fail to maintain sustained attention, and how mind wandering occurs in everyday life. Yet between a third and a half of our time is spent mind wandering!

Daydreaming is also a pilot experiment in a larger endeavour to bring cognitive science into smartphones, making it easier for people to participate in a completely anonymized and secure way to exciting and cutting-edge brain research!

Get to know what kind of daydreamer you are!

Some speak to themselves. Others create mental images and sounds. Most people think they mind wander more than others. Many have noted that their daydreams are involuntary and often go unnoticed for a few seconds. And you? What kind of daydreamer are you?

This app will help you focus to the relevant aspects of your inner life with the tools of science. On top of that, it will provide you with a detailed report on your mental life after 30 days of participation.

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