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How does it work?

Results - daily rhythms

After a short introduction and a few preliminary questions, the app will be running. It contains:

Why? because many mundane things could have a surprising impact on the richness of your mind. Of course information about your mental habits, but also about your sleep quality and how you spend your free time will be useful to get a grasp on what makes your mental life what it is.

And crucially, the app also contains:

Results - type of daydreaming

Why? because human’s thought is an ephemeral phenomenon. It is short-lived, and soon cleared from memory as you start attending to other things. The scientific study of thought has been challenging, but we now know that people’s descriptions of their thoughts are the most accurate when they are the most immediate.

Therefore, at any moment, you will be able to describe to the app your thoughts as you were just having them, whether daydreaming or not. Of course, you should not think too much about your thoughts! That is why you will receive notifications asking you questions about your thoughts as you are having them at random moment of the day – with no possibility to anticipate them. Note that these random probes are the most representative of your real trains of thoughts - do not overlook them!

Why should I use it?

You're participating in a research project that might lead to very interesting discoveries in how the human mind works in everyday life. On top of that, you will immediately be able to:

After 30 days, to thank you for your helpful participation, you will also

After 60 days, once enough data will have been collected,

Daydreaming screenshot

Why use an app for this?

Classical experiments studying mindwandering involve having subjects come to a lab, waiting for them to mind wander and suddenly assessing the content of their thoughts (this is referred to as "thought sampling").

This app does the same thing except that subjects are now anyone using the app in their natural environment. This methodology will allow the assessment of mind wandering in an incredible variety of contexts and activities, and the collection of a large amount of in vivo data, impossible to obtain in a lab.

Free software

This experiment is free software: the app and all its related software are released under the GNU/GPLv3 license, and the code is available on GitHub. Any crashes will be automatically reported to us, but if you have suggestions or remarks on how to improve things, we'd be delighted to hear from you.